What “Rape Culture” means #rapeculture

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what rape culture means

By the way, if you think it is the clothes that causes rape — rape happens in societies with women covered head to toe.

We have a real problem in the United States…

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3 Replies to “What “Rape Culture” means #rapeculture”

  1. I can’t read the small print so I don’t know who this belongs to but they would be more effective if they dropped the excessive generalizations that should turn off thinking people despite the desirability of the knowledge they seek to promote.

  2. i have read data linking the increase in rapes with the proliferation of porn, and specifically with a ‘deregulation’ of porn beginning in the 1970’s. i don’t know if you’ve viewed any modern porn lately, and i am not suggesting that to be a good idea, but it is more aggressive and abusive than ever, and ‘gang banging’ and other rape or near-rape scenarios are very common. some may say that is just fantasy and fantasy is not played out, but can we not read the words of Jesus regarding adultery, and see the line of trajectory.

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