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Covenantal Lens: Sexual intercourse forges a permanent bond between twopeople that is intended as a representation of God’s covenantal relationship withGod’s people. Sexual intercourse is a life-uniting act that should only occurwithin marriage.

Procreative Lens: The goal or purpose of human sexuality is reproduction. Non-reproductive uses of sexuality are misuses of sexuality, because they divide thereproductive purpose of sexuality from its unifying function.

Romantic Lens: Sexual intercourse is the appropriate expression of a particularsort of deep emotional attachment (romantic love) with one’s beloved. Lovelesssex is inappropriate. People should be sexually faithful as long as love lasts.

Plain Sex Lens: Sexual desire is an acute bodily desire for physical contact withthe body of another. Sex is an intensely pleasurable physical activity. Sex shouldbe based on mutual consent leading to mutual sexual satisfaction, so that “noone gets hurt.”

Power Lens: Sexuality is a potent instrument for controlling others. Sexual de-sire is the desire to possess another, while wanting to avoid being objectified bythe other. One must be savvy about the potential for sexual exploitation, ma-nipulation and violence.

Expressive Lens: Sex is a source of personal empowerment that is central tohuman flourishing. Sexual restraint is unnatural, yet sexuality should be de-ployed without hampering the empowerment of others.

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