What is the Church?

I started writing this in preparation for a sermon that I am working on. Can you guess what it will be about? I will update it later, but I just thought that I would go ahead and post it now. This is, of course, on the model of the song “He Is”.

What is the Church?
In the Torah
Genesis – She is the Garden of Eden, where God walked with Adam in the cool of the evening.
Exodus – She is the Promised Land
Leviticus – the heavenly example of the earthly tabernacle
Numbers – Israel in the wilderness always attacked
Deuteronomy – worth traveling on for

Joshua/Judges – she is worth fighting for, and the choice for a family
Ruth – a gentile who forsook all to follow God
The Kingdoms and the Chronicles – she is the mighty kingdom, the temple and the hope.

Ezra – she is worth coming home to

In Nehemiah – she is the great walled city, rebuilt by the King’s decree

In Esther she is the loyal wife raised up at the moment to save God’s people.

In the Job, David and Solomon, she is wisdom, our mother, our strong tower,

In Solomon’s Song she is the bride of God.

In Isaiah she is the obedient and faithful wife.
In Jeremiah she is the new covenant.
In Lamentations she becomes the unseen hope in the middle of hopelessness.
In Ezekiel she repines to be home
In Daniel she is the kingdom that breaks all others, the stone untouched by hands.
In Hosea she is saved and loved by her husband.
In Joel, she is God’s mighty army.
In Amos she is the rising tabernacle of David and the plumbline
In Obadiah she receives the messenger of the Lord.
In Jonah she is God’s unquestionable reason.
In Micah she is God’s justice.
In Nahum she is God’s remembrance.
In Habakkuk she is the work among the gentiles.
In Zephaniah she is the restoration.
In Haggai she is the glory of the latter.
In Zechariah he is the daughter to whom the King cometh.

In Malachi she awaits her Messiah.

In Matthew she is called.
In Mark she is the kingdom of God
In Luke she is the people of God, the people of God and the people of God
In John she is the vine and the flock of the shepherd and she is comforted.
In Acts she is in the upper room.
In Paul she is established, strengthened, set aright – she is protected, overseen and guided.
In Hebrews she is past, present and future
– the tabernacle, the temple and heaven
– she is the mountain of the living God
– she is can be approached, touched, and lived
In James she has a holy name.
In Peter she is the ark, the priesthood, and a people purchased for redemption, she is Joy unspeakable and full of Glory.
In John she is the elect lady.
In Jude she long ago told about.
In Revelation –
She is the bride
The one going up
The one coming down
She is tried, true and perfect.
She is home.

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