What Is Birthed When God Isn’t Presupposed

Found an excellent quote this past week:

“Refusing to presuppose the sovereign God revealed in the Bible as the source of all material and logical possibility, and hence failing effectively to challenge or internally criticize the very feasibility of knowledge, logic, factuality, interpretation, or predication as based on the boasted autonomy of ‘free-thinkers,’ apologists found their defenses razed by those who (likewise) postulated the bare possibility was a principle more ultimate than God. Deterministic science disqualified miracles, positivistic sociology relativized morality, historical criticism faulted the Bible, and Kant’s transcendental dialecticism invalidated cognitive revelation. Idealism made God finite, pragmatism made him irrelevant, and logical analysis made Him meaningless. Process thinking limited God by pulling Him down from the throne of His sovereignty and pulling everything up into Him for the panentheistic drive to omega point, while phenomenology made the universe into a machine for the fabricating of gods, and existentialism made man himself the being who strives to become God. By appealing to probability, apologists saw Christianity relegated to the museum of mere religious hypothesis (i.e., – ‘possibilities’), rather than embraced as the actual truth of God.”

Dr. Greg Bahnsen
Presuppositional Apologetics; Stated and Defended


If we will not presuppose the Sovereign God we will presuppose sovereign man and sovereign man will inevitable conclude that a Sovereign God cannot exit in order to compete with his sovereignty….

Go read the rest here:

Iron Ink – What Is Birthed When God Isn’t Presupposed.

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  1. I met Greg Bahnsen in California a few years before he died. He was was taken way too soon. We were the same age. Indeed God IS Sovereign! There is also a new edition of his Presuppositional Apologetics.
    Fr. R.

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