What if the #UMC blogosphere were characters in Tombstones?


My opinion of certain bloggers with membership in the UMC has fluctuated. For some, my opinion dropped to the bottomless pits of hell. For others, it has inched up, ever so slightly. But, for some humor today, imagine if the UMC bloggers were characters in Tombstone.

Who would play who?

Me, hands down, I’m Wyatt Earp. It is a burden, but I do carry it well.

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5 Replies to “What if the #UMC blogosphere were characters in Tombstones?”

  1. Since the real Wyatt Earp was a quick- fisted drifter, brother owner with a rap sheet, and someone indisposed to wait for God to extract vengeance, does this mean that you are also a person of dubious reputation who became a legend in his own mind?

  2. “and someone indisposed to wait for God to extract vengeance”…
    No. “Doc” Holliday. Not quite a Doctor yet. But a DDS (Doctor of Doctrine Supremacy), willing to extract a few rotten teeth of a member, to make him healthier in the long run. But if that doesn’t work, you plug him.
    BTW, just said in jest!

    1. Actually, I wasn’t applying the label to anyone in particular. I just tend to have fun with the alphabet soup that some people seem inclined to string after their names.

      Meanwhile, speaking of academics and dictators, large swaths of the American public are so terrified of erudation that primary and secondary education are heavily censored, and access to meaningful (i.e. liberal arts) tertiary (higher) education is either discouraged or rationed through exorbitant costs.

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