What if Pope Francis doesn’t change doctrine or dogma, but does stuff like this?

All previous popes in living memory held the service either in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican or in the Basilica

Pope Francis Portrait Painting
Pope Francis Portrait Painting (Photo credit: faithmouse)

of St. John in Lateran, which is the pope’s cathedral church in his capacity as bishop of Rome.

…When he was archbishop of Buenos Aires, the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio often celebrated the Holy Thursday service in a jail, a hospital, a home for the elderly or with poor people.

via Pope to hold major Holy Week service in youth jail | Reuters.

What if Pope Francis, instead of changing doctrines and dogmas to fit the needs of Mainline Protestantism instead continues to do stuff like this? What if, after he cleans up what is widely regarded as the den of depravity — the Curia — Pope Francis remains more orthodox than ever but refuses to obey protocol? Instead, he brings humility, causes humility, shows compassion, causes compassion, and simple tries to show the love of the Gospel and who the Catholic Church believes Jesus is?

Pope Francis, what have you done?

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5 Replies to “What if Pope Francis doesn’t change doctrine or dogma, but does stuff like this?”

  1. It has been announced that the Maundy Thursday Service has been moved from the Vatican to Casal del Marmo–a juvenile prison in Rome. Amazing!

  2. I do believe that is what we are going to see. Everyday brings new surprises from this new Holy Father. It is very exciting to be Catholic. But I do think you are right, he is going to continue to show a new way of being Pope, while maintaining the teachings of the Church. He is acting just like St. Francis.

    I mean, he got the Patriarch of Constantinople to attend his installation Mass, that in and of itself is an amazing accomplishment.

    What will I do if this all happens? Give thanks and all the glory to God.

  3. Hey Joel, it’s me Brian. I haven’t written here in a while but I decided to chip in upon seeing your blog post. I think there are many forms of humility and while Pope Francis certainly seems to fulfill some definitions I cannot help but feel a sense of irony that Francis by preforming many public acts of humility is making the papacy more about him. And this is a legitimate concern as Francis’ personal style can cause confusion amongst the media and laity that Catholic tradition is bad and innovation is good. Which is false, in my opinion, the symbols of the papal office aren’t to be rejected, they are not pompous. Being pope should not be about personality, those symbols of office, which Francis is rejecting left and right, are there because they are suppose to remind the current pontificate that he must decrease so that Christ may increase.

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