What if King James was Gay?

At the the weblog of t. michael w. halcomb, the questions,

In the last couple of decades, D. M. Bergeron has attempted to argue that “King James”, the impetus for the “King James Bible” translation had homosexual tendencies. He has published two books on this subject: Royal Family, Royal Lovers: King James of England and Scotland (1991) and : King James & Letters of Homoerotic Desire (1999).

This raises a number of questions for me, two being: 1) “If King James really was gay, how might this challenge the fundamentalist, King-James-Onlyists view of their Bible?” and 2) “How might this force those same people to think about homosexuality?”

Furthermore, do you think they would be more willing (acting as if the premise were true) to give up a KJV-Only view first or their views towards homosexuality? Or, would it not make a difference at all if this were true?

(By the way, D. Capps has written an article that seems to aptly refute the accuastions about King James! (“The Homosexual Tendencies of King James:
Should this Matter to Bible Readers Today?” in Pastoral Psychology)

Does it really matter the life of the person who paid for the translation? If so, to what extent? As many of you know, I am no longer a KJVO, but I still have a lot of ‘friends’ who still are. KJVO’ers will tell you that the extent of inspiration is only to the words of the 66 books, denying, against all logic, the application of inspiration to the Deuterocanon, the margin notes, and even the various prefaces (one of which instructs the readers to use other translations).

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14 Replies to “What if King James was Gay?”

  1. What if there was a satanic oppression in the 21st Century? What if Christianity was oppressed by diabolic people including top political leaders?

  2. Who cares if he was, He was a sinner too… no matter what you say,do or whatever, I still will not go along with this mess we are in ,in America,, immoral sin,,, all it is….

  3. Let’s use common sense here.

    Examine this logic carefully: how easy would it be to discredit the entirety of the KJV of the Bible if in fact King James was a homosexual? It would either lead thou to believe that being gay is “ok” or open up a door to new translations of the Holy Bible where in fact it would be “ok” to change wordings in any way for the gain of those in power.

    The majority of those in power want You to never EVER believe a single word in the KJV. I testify in my heart of hearts through common sense that the KJV of the Holy Bible is the Only version which makes logical sense to me. Think about this: in the Original KJV of The Holy Bible, not that “try” really hard to be accurate stuff called the NKJV, it states in Genesis 17:10, This is my covenant, which ye shall keep, between me
    and you and thy seed after thee; Every man child among you shall be

    Notice the phrase, every man child. That is a child of man. We are supposed to be Children of God, not children of man or kids like the government has fooled us to call our children. However, an ignoramus would have you think, Oh, I gotta get my kid circumcised because he or she would take it out of context. I am a Child of God and testify that I am NOT circumcised. I thank my Earthly Parents, Paul and Debra Wegkamp and the hospital in which I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, for understanding the truth.

    Now let’s look at the current situation in the world today where our government is trying to have people circumcised: ask yourself, if the head of your penis be more exposed during intercourse, does it logically make sense that this will protect you from man made AIDS? Or does this make more sense: it will protect thee not, yet aid thee in receiving aids? That makes more sense to me. But then one must ask themselves this question: can in fact then we trust our government? The answer is simply no.


  4. Chad, you make no sense and provide no scriptural support. Circumcision is no longer ordered for the males of the people of God. I am no real idea what you are trying to say, but let me make a few points:

    1.) The KJV is not the only translation
    2.) Man Child in the KJV is translated from the Hebrew word for male, just like the other translations have it
    3.) Your ‘theories’ on AIDS and the government is a bit 80’s don’t you think?

    Read the bible, and put down the conspiracy theories.

  5. Hey Paul murdered people and practically wrote the entire NT. David raped, plotted murder, murdered, committed adultery and wrote. Moses killed and wrote. Would it make a dif. if KJ was gay? I think not. But boy, so many non-thinking, anti-intellectual, fundy Christians today would never stop to think about those types of things. Instead, they are blinded by ridiculous KJVO theories and whatnot. Just sayin…

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