What if Bible Translations were Pop Culture songs?

If it’s Saturday, it’s a humorous post…

For this week, I thought me might examine the fusion of bible translations and pop culture… What if the bible translations were songs? (I don’t listen to secular music, so I’ve simply linked to them….)

NRSV – John Lennon’s anthem against heaven, religion, etc…

The Message – The song about the yellows and being mellow

KJV – Generally anything by the Gregorians.

T/NIV – Well, it is a hopeful tune, but unfortunately, simply not true…

HCSB – The Baptist Bible and the Baptist Song

NLT – While I would choose this one, although this one might work.

ESV – Well…. I ain’t telling you.

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25 Replies to “What if Bible Translations were Pop Culture songs?”

  1. I promise (no I don't) that you will get more sleep as you baby gets older (no you won't because it will always be something. Then, you'll have another one and the routine will start over. If memory serves, your baby is a girl… meaning that while you made get some sleep between the ages of 8 and 12, after that, it gets restless)

  2. When I opened YouTube, while the NLT's “Everything is Beautiful” was playing, there was an ad beside the video for … well … a non-Christian religion dating site!!

    Well done on the music!

  3. hahhahaha. I figured you might like it, Sue! (Actually, in my the back of my mind, your issue with the preface was what triggered the song).

    I have no clue why WordPress/Facebook etc… always use a masculine avatar as the default.

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