What does Joseph Atwill, Ralph Ellis, and mythicists have in common?

They are nuts. Every last one of them. They have hatched, in one way or another, some various scheme to suggest Jesus is not a historical person, but created as part of this-or-that conspiracy.

Ralph Ellis has recently published a book proposing that Jesus is the King of Edessa. His publisher is one of the finest, no, I mean, oddest conspiracy publishers on the marketTom does a good job of taking him down, so read his post too.

Update: Tom has a second post up now

But, this is just another in a long line of mythicist tripe using baseless “notions,” boundless imaginations, and conspiracy hacks to peddle this or that drug-induced idea. Joseph Atwill suggests Jesus is a figment of the Roman imagination, whereby the authors conspired to use a created Jesus to subdue the Jews. Others suggest that all of recent history is under the control of the Piso family, the remnants of the Flavians. This one, recently pointed out to me (HT to DM via FB), is completely crazy. Wait, I mean, I’m looking at Atwill and Ellis and Piso together… all are completely crazy.

And here’s the problem. My book, I am afraid and I admit so in the book, suggests that the Gospel is used to counter Flavian imperial ideology. But, I believe we can tag this to a real, live, historical Jesus. While Mark uses literary sources (Matthew uses Mark and some undefined sources, Luke used Matthew and Mark while John takes a heavy shot of theological reflection and uses the Synoptics) this doesn’t mean that the story of Jesus if made-up from the ground up. What this means, I would propose, is that the choices of literary sources indicate Mark’s theological or ideological implication.

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14 Replies to “What does Joseph Atwill, Ralph Ellis, and mythicists have in common?”

  1. .
    Tom Verenna managed to write a review of this book without even reading it. Every criticism he made was either nonsensical or fully explained in the book.

    You will also notice that Tom Verenna is a fraud himself:

    1. I know Tom – I’m presenting a paper with Tom in the fall — and all you’ve done is to quote a blog ran by someone anonymously about some youthful indiscretions. Further, Tom didn’t write a review, as he has stated.

      Among other things you lack, you also lack reading comprehension.

    2. Ralphie boy, if you keep leaving comments attacking my colleague and friend, Tom Verenna, I will not allow your comment and instead continue to remove them.

      Before you post again, please leave an apology for Mr. Verenna.

      1. Ralphie boy, I appreciate your admittance in the now-removed-comment that you are a crack-pot who has completely made up everything you’ve written due to some drug induced comas while do unspeakable acts to small animals, but you did not leave an apology for Mr. Verenna.

        Once you apologize to Mr. Verenna, you may comment here.

        I expect nothing less than something like this:

        I, Ralphie Ellis, do hereby declare my sincerest apologies to Mr. Verenna. I am a giant orifice from which fecal matter escapes on a daily basis. I hope Mr. Verenna can one day forgive me. I am truly a dufus.

  2. Ralph Ellis is a scientifically illiterate A.C.C. denier and misogynist. He is a writer of fantasy and claims about Jesus, completely out of touch with historical method or reality with absolutely no rational argument or verifiable evidence. His cowardly ad hominen on his facebook page, and personal attacks of a young woman Greta Thunberg, betray the fragility of his masculinity and reminiscent of that thug, Trump. Ellis reflects an illusion of superiority that Dunning and Kruger explain is a characteristic incompetent people demonstrate when over confidence in their own ability, blinds them from recognising their lack of it.

    1. Ralph Ellis does not impress me, but Caesar’s Messiah verifiable.
      Vanity always knows the way. Even more intense than the fact Jesus never existed, Mary is a slur, even her sister is a Mary.
      This is astounding, as we consider the believers hold this Roman lampooning as dear sacred text.
      The antidote to Christianity is literacy & the state has no interest in it.
      Instead, we have Trump, violently getting a photo of himself holding up a bible in front of a Christian church

  3. Is there a reliable source that corroborates or confirms that Ralph Ellis is NOT an authenticated, accredited, or credible source for anything related to biblical history, or Jesus?

    *(Please note that he posts some of his materials on YouTube.)

  4. I am looking for any reliable online sources that will corroborate your statements about Ralph Ellis. Can you point me, or link to any?

    1. No, they won’t be able to. These are Christian or Mormon fundamentalists, trying to save their belief system.

      In reality, I have never had any reasoned criticism that has undermined my Edessa thesis. They scream and shout, but provide no data or references.

      The reason theu are having trouble, is I have hit upon a wide and profitable seam of historical truth, so every time they try and disprove me, they actually find supporting material (this has happened many times.)

      Ralph Ellis

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