What does it mean to be a #UMC blogger?

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The very Catholic Dr. Michael Barber has some comments on the latest ranking. He notes that among the Top 50, there are only two Catholics.

So, it got me to thinking. What does it take for one to be a UMC blogger? Allan Bevere has a somewhat weekly feature about Methodist bloggers. However, are these United Methodists who blog, or are they United Methodist bloggers?

Anyway, I was thinking of working with others to build a conference pointed to the UMC social media world, designed to help UMCers take part in the WWW by blogging and other forms of social media engagement. It would help to build an identity for this bloggers and encourage others to follow suit.

But, I guess the real question is — what does it mean to be a UMC blogger? What are our goals as UMC bloggers? Can we use it to evangelize for the UMC? Can, or should we, use it to settle disputes before the General Conference?

Can I, with a given disposition to Rome, still be called a UMC blogger?

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4 Replies to “What does it mean to be a #UMC blogger?”

  1. I will admit that the question does require some measure of what being a UM actually means. I am a member of the church, but depending on which side you ask, and some days both would agree, that I am a pretty terrible Methodist lol.

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