Wesleyan Theological Perspectives on @Logos

So, if you are tired of Calvin and Luther and you want a real Christian perspective on theology, ethics, Scripture, salvation, and the church, you need to get this.

With the increasing interest in Wesleyan theology, the need for a fresh inquiry into the fundamentals of this theological perspective has resulted in an outstanding five-volume series. Noted theologians from across the United States contributed to each volume, making the entire work noteworthy. The articles are written to examine each aspect of Wesleyan theology for use in contemporary life. A practical study of Wesleyan theology and its creative application to life today is as valid as it ever has been. Each reader will discover new enlightenment from the Bible as the pages of this series are studied.

via Wesleyan Theological Perspectives (5 vols.) – Logos Bible Software.

Glad to see Logos picking up Wesleyan theological resources.

Um, yes, Jim, we do have theology. Jesus’s theology.


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4 Replies to “Wesleyan Theological Perspectives on @Logos”

    1. Thanks, Jonathan!

      David Watson was a professor of mine at United!

      Glad to see Logos being responsible to all of the streams of Christianity unlike some bible software programs. This is just great!

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