Were the first homos Caucasian?

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I mean, the first homo erectus. So posits new Archaeological Finds in Dmanisi, Georgia: (here as well)

The site of the new finds, Dmanisi, is only about 50km away from Georgia’s capital Tblisi, and has been making waves in the field of human origins for a while. Skeletons uncovered there date from about 1.75 million years ago, and are a confused mix of features that place them right near the base of the Homo genus. These include very ancestral skulls and upper bodies, but lower bodies and legs that appear far more modern. A number of features in these skeletons are shared with various other early Homo skeletons, including ergaster, habilis, and erectus. Confusing matters further, the skeletons were extremely small relative to the Homo erectus individuals that later spread throughout the globe—these make their first unambiguous appearance in Africa right about this time.

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  1. In the Caucasus, and for that matter in Russia, “Caucasian” means something quite different from in America. A blond blue-eyed Russian would be highly offended if called Caucasian.

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