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If you are looking for resources to help teach your child New Testament Greek, this might help:

We are excited about helping your child and student learn the Greek of the New Testament. This is an entirely new approach in which they will learn not only to read the Greek of the Bible but to speak it. This makes it easier to learn and a lot more fun.

While it is fun to learn the Greek alphabet, our ultimate goal is that your students learn to study the Bible better. This includes learning to use the Greek tools such as a Greek dictionary and concordance.

This site is a work in progress, so don’t be surprised to see things change. By Fall of 2010, the first year of Kids’ Greek should be done.

While we are developing the class, it is free for all to use; we would love to read your feedback through the support forums or email contact. But starting September, 2010, we will charge for the class (although the first two sections on the alphabet will stay free).

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