We survived, with power, water, and internet

But many around us are living without the modern conveniences, and experiencing record heat.

I got several calls, dms, and messages asking if I was in fact okay, and yes, I am, so thank you.

Fortunately, in the four or so years that I’ve been here, I haven’t really lost power for any considerable amount of time.

One problem, though… gas is at a premium around here. Many stations are closed that have gas due to the power being out, and those had have it are experiencing long lines at the pump.

I have 137 miles left for this tank. Not too bad.

Anyway… thought I’d let you all know.

Pray and donate and help where you can.

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3 Replies to “We survived, with power, water, and internet”

  1. Here in Woodstock, VA, we were hit by the storm, and a lot of the surrounding areas (and gas stations) lost power. But in the town we lost power and internet for only a few minutes. We are sweating it out today anyway as we have very inadequate air conditioning. But I’ve survived worse.

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