We owe life on earth to giant space rocks?

Our asteroid belt, which is situated between Jupiter and Mars, has traditionally been seen as something of a nuisance. Every once in awhile one of these rocks dislodges itself and heads straight for Earth, what often results in a cataclysmic impact. But ironically, as a new study from the University of Colorado suggests, we may owe our very existence to these chunks of displaced rocks. And according to the researchers, our asteroid belt appears to be unique as far as these things go — what may be contributing to the dearth of life in the galaxy.

via io9.com Updates: Our asteroid belt is unique — and that’s why life may be rare in the Galaxy.

]] believes that the universe evolved to produce life. That’s right – not just evolution on this planet but the universe as an evolutionary exercise. Would this be a sign fo that?

Anyway – this is mainly a post to serve two purposes. First, it is super cool. Second, because Little Honey Tee Tee will see it and go crazy. But, hey, I’ve offered a hand of friendship. He hasn’t taken it though. 🙁

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