We can blame Protestantism for destroying traditional marriage

It wasn’t until the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century that the recording of marriages and establishing of rules for marriage became a function of the state. Martin Luther, the Catholic priest who initiated the Reformation in Germany said that marriage was a “worldly thing … that belongs to the realm of government.” A similar opinion was expressed by John Calvin, his Swiss counterpart. Calvin and his colleagues reformulated Christian marriage by enacting the Marriage Ordinance of Geneva, which imposed “The dual requirements of state registration and church consecration to constitute marriage” as valid.

via Bethany Blankley: How Protestantism Redefined Marriage.

I love posts like this because the titles are always fun.

Luther, of course, allowed for pre-martial sex and polygamy. Good for him, I say.

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6 Replies to “We can blame Protestantism for destroying traditional marriage”

  1. So how does this effect your stand on all the hoopla over gay marriage? Are you factual about Luther, by the way? I mean…woot, woot. And then…oh pooh.

      1. I don’t like commenting on this forum. Just sayin’. (Legal) Marriage requires a license. Babtism does not. Although ‘in my day’, alas so long ago, a baptismal certificate was a legal document that you could use in much the same way as a birth certificate. I don’t think that is still the case anywhere. So in that case, the church lent the authority to the document. In the case of marriage, the document (license) lends authority to the church. So is it the sacramental part of a church wedding that is in question, then, as opposed to the legally documented union that is ‘marriage’? The problem of jeopardy is serious…that the church would lose the ability to decide what is sacred because marriage w/o license is not valid. Do we need to change that aspect? Can we? Should we? Now I’m going back to work. Peace.

  2. I, like Luther apparently, am also for “pre-martial” [sic] sex. Once you start getting all that judo and tai chi involved it gets too painful 😉

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