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NASA’s Curiosity rover has found definitive proof that water once ran across the surface of Mars, the agency announced today. NASA scientists say new photos from the rover show rocks that were smoothed and rounded by water. The rocks are in a large canyon and nearby channels that were cut by flowing water, making up an alluvial fan. (here)

What happens if scientists reveal a fossil on Mars? No, I don’t mean a humanoid… not exactly, but say, a fish or something looking like a fish. What then?

I think that the Eastern religions will be okay… I suspect even most Muslims will survive… but what about Christians?

I think that the Mainliners will surviver, as will Rome… but the Ken Hams… not so much.  Yes, there will be some who cling desperately to the idea that this is a conspiracy, however, more and more will see the error of Hambone’s ways. But, what will they do then? The same thing too many do today… become angry atheists.

AiG is already preparing for it,

And if life were ever to be found on Mars, its presence would not prove how it got there. Assuming it was not a contaminant from earth, its existence would just be a testimony to the fact that God could create life any place He chose.

Not even Curiosity’s $2.5 billion dollar price tag can explain life without God. – Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell

Shame, really, that they continue to slander those who believe in God and Scripture, but not a boaring interpretation of Scripture that not even the original author would have understood. But, anyway, what is interesting is that they are really going to suggest that life on Mars, if we find proof, sprang up and down in the last 6000 years. Wow.

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24 Replies to “Water on Mars… what happens if they find a fossil @AiG”

  1. “”You had water transporting these gravels to the downslope of the fan,” NASA researchers say. The gravel then formed into a conglomerate rock, which was in turn likely covered before being exposed again.”

    please verify this statement with verifiable observation using all ingredients from Mars and their original enviorment. don’t give us speculation then call that speculation fact.

    1. Dave, because it is observable on earth, and certain physical laws are held to be constant, then we can assume that it will take place on Mars as well.

      I bet you are one of those guys who believe that dino bones are the devil’s handiwork

      1. except that mars has no atmosphere which would alter the rules. you can’t assume for you know what that does.

        no but i do know that the devil deceives secular people and people like you into using assumption as fact when there is no evidence to support the assumption.

        making these type of assumptions means that secularists are using pre-conceived ideas then going about finding evidence to support those pre-conceived ideas. sort of like what they are attacking believers for doing.

        one has to wonder at the credibility of the work being done on mars now. with no evidence or observation of water on the planet, it seems that researchers are manipulating what they see to fit their desires.

        sort of like that ‘face’ or ‘sculpture’ people say they saw on the planet and that it was evidence for martians or aliens. people will see what they want to see which includes supposed evidence for water.

          1. The Christian notion of Satan and Hell didn’t really develop until the fifth century. The Jewish version, and up until post-NT, was not the devil we have today.

            No need to give him anymore power than what God has given him, right?

          2. I am surprised that you are on West’s blogroll as he hates wikipedia yet that is your primary source. I do not accept anything wiki writes. In fact, it is banned at my websites as a non-credible source.

            There was no water on Mars and shapes do not indicate there was. As for your ‘devil’ idea, how wrong you are. I am wondering where God gave you authority over His word? Do you have any verses that grant you that authority?

            You are very deceived, now that you know that what are you going to do about it?

          3. First, Dave – wiki is okay if you need to throw something out there – but to quote it is another story. Now, try to actually discuss the fact that you are wrong. You are a poor deflector.

            Actually, there is ice and there are evidences of water on mars now…

            The rest of your comment, as most are, is worthless.

  2. I’m not talking about the guy in red tights. I’m referring to Satan, the fallen angel and his minions (1/3 of the angels) which I believe the author of Enoch may have been talking about.

      1. Who’s talking about Revelations? I’m talking about the many times Satan is mentioned just by Jesus alone..as Mat 16:23
        True, the book of Enoch isn’t inspired, but neither is Josephus.

          1. Just because something isn’t canonical doesn’t mean it has no value..from the things you’ve written, you seem to take the opinions of books and people not canonical over the actual Bible. All I was saying was that the book of Enoch (which I’m rereading with a new lens now). I don’t just read Revelation (I know there is no S..old habits die hard…I still go by how I learned it in my youth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjoxJsgbWbM), I take the entire Bible. Enoch just happens to be a non-canonical book that gives insight to some things. It was respected my people in the first century.

          2. Oh? I have not placed anything over Scripture. But I do challenge a mortal’s interpretation on Scripture.

            Enoch does give insight – to say, Son of Man, to things like that – because this is the lexicon the writers used… just like ANE books give us insight into reading Genesis 1 and Genesis 2.

            Don’t forget Tertullian who used it into the 3rd century.

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