Was Rob Bell really on the news?

I suppose in Christian circles people are asking important questions or providing important answers related to Rob Bell’s new book.  But, one question that I think still needs to be asked is: Is this really newsworthy for the general public? I can see articles in magazines like Christianity Today or something like that.  But, MSNBC?

For one, Bell’s views don’t really even seem to be anything new, i.e. news.  For another, his views really don’t seem to be all that significant compared to say … I don’t know, the leader of the largest Christian denomination in the entire world releasing a book about Holy Week.

But, this seems to be one of the problems to me of round-the-clock news reporting.  What should be most salient gets lost in the midst of … well … whatever.

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8 Replies to “Was Rob Bell really on the news?”

      1. I think so. In fact, I was reading Jeremy’s post about Catholicizing this blog and thinking, “God I thank thee that I am not as other men are…”
        Seriously, I am tiring of controversy. There are important ones that we must enter into. There are times that there are important ones that do not involve us. Then there are those that simply are better left alone. I’m trying to learn to choose my battles wisely. I think Bell failed to do that.

        1. I think Piper failed to do so as well. People are attacking Bell but haven’t read the book. And from what I gather, by reading the book, people are just shrugging their shoulders and saying, ‘Meh, nothing new here.’

          When do give into controversy, there are times that we create a stage for those who shouldn’t have one.

  1. I wish Rob Bell had answered Martin Bashir’s trick question at the beginning. Of course, secularists like him want to insist that Christians must believe in a literal hell of eternal conscious torment — so that they can laugh at it and easily dismiss it.

  2. If you ask me, this only serves to make a mockery of the news. They’ve got him on tv like this is some new breaking story. It only serves to show that they lack any sense of historical or for that matter global awareness.

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