Was Paul’s early Christology Arian?

First, read Isaiah 9.5 in the Septuagint:

because a child was born for us,
a son also given to us,
whose sovereignty was upon his shoulder,
and he is named Messenger of Great Counsel,
for I will bring peace upon the rulers,
peace and health to him

Now, read Galatians 4.14

Instead, you welcomed me as though I were an angel of God, as though I were Christ Jesus himself

So, Jesus was a messenger of God? Umm….

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One Reply to “Was Paul’s early Christology Arian?”

  1. Was he Arian? My short answer: no! My long answer was published in the WUNT II series! Fee talks about this verse in his big book, and I add important wider contextual matters in my own. Hope to see you at SBL this year?

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