Was Christology as the driving issue of the Reformation?

“The crucial contribution of non-Roman Catholic Christians should be to help Rome recover the defeated teaching of Cardinal Seripando and Reginald Pole at the Council of Trent. They objected to the claim that our given righteousness before God is the single (only) cause of our justification which thereby denies any sin in the regenerate (simul justus et peccator).


One simplistic but meritorious summary of Christology is that the conflicts of the fourth and fifth centuries were about the person of Christ, whereas the conflict of the sixteenth century was over the work of Christ. However, upon deeper examination, conflict about the work of Christ, whether or not it was “full, perfect and sufficient,” cannot be divorced from the conflicts about his Person. The Councils of Nicea, Constantinople, Ephesus and Chalcedon defended the Apostolic teaching that Jesus Christ is One with the Father and the Holy Spirit, fully God and fully man.

And excellent article on Justification at the point of the Reformation. All of you Reformed, what say ye?

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