Walter Brueggeman and the Problems of Cedarville’s Final Interpretation

an unsettling God
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We are again discovering that another Christian-themed university has acted ungraciously in dealing with a mere question. This is not dissent but a different of interpretation. Walter Brueggeman, I think, has words already well written to answer this:

Alongside such reality, it is useful to recognize that Israel is peculiar in its practice of interpretation that, in the hands of the rabbis and the on-going tradition, has refused the kinds of settled interpretation to which Western thought is always tempted. Jews historically have refused “final interpretation” (by being open to continued dialogic interaction), and have been victims, in the twentieth century, and an attempted “Final Solution.” Thus much work remains to be done to see how the “scandal of particularity  is related to the unbearable violence against Jews in the twentieth century. it is clear in any that “final interpretation” is a step toward ‘”final solution.” (from the Preface)

At what point do we realize that the places of learning must be places of learning and not pits of dictatorship?

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