Wait… Carrier is not mathematician? Who knew…

But ultimately I think the book is disingenuous. It doesn’t read as a mathematical treatment of the subject, and I can’t help but think that Carrier is using Bayes’s Theorem in much the same way that apologists such as William Lane Craig use it: to give their arguments a veneer of scientific rigour that they hope cannot be challenged by their generally more math-phobic peers. To enter an argument against the overwhelming scholarly consensus with “but I have math on my side, math that has been proven, proven!” seems transparent to me, more so when the quality of the math provided in no way matches the bombast.

via A Mathematical Review of “Proving History” by Richard Carrier | Irreducible Complexity.

Oh look… a real mathematician…

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2 Replies to “Wait… Carrier is not mathematician? Who knew…”

  1. Thanks Joel. I’m not sure I’m a ‘real mathematician’ though, I have to say. My doctorate work was in the mathematics of evolution, but that was 15 years ago. A real ‘real mathematician’ would eat me for breakfast, I’m sure!

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