Wait… a contradictory statement from Ken Ham? @aig

Because evolution and millions of years are really the anti-God religion of this age, the secular academics intimidate Christians to adopt their ideas (which many do by compromising these with God’s Word) or they will be deemed anti-academic.

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You know… you know how he goes on and on about Young Earth Creationism not being a requirement for salvation? Take a gander at that little statement?

See, what he chalks up to pride is actually a careful study of the documents. What he has, after all, is a large amount of pride, and investment if you will, in his little sinking ship. As it gets worse… as fewer and fewer people believe him… he will become more and more radicalized in requiring Young Earth Creationism as a tenant of salvation.

I mean, sure, he is clearly hinting at it right now, but he has yet to come out and fully say it. Ham has a neurotic streak about him, one allowing him to see himself as God – I mean, how else can you completely change the meaning of a text and then declare others anti-God when all you mean is anti-you?

Poor guy… he needs some help… and I do not mean building an ark…

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7 Replies to “Wait… a contradictory statement from Ken Ham? @aig”

  1. I have given this scripture before- John 5:47ff If you do not believe Moses how will you believe Jesus?

    Ken Ham does not make any contradictory statements and it is not a careful study of the documents that you do. You and all those who believe alternatives to Gensis 1 set themselves up as superior to and in charge of God’s word.

    He is right, it is pride that runs through you and those who accept alternatives to God’s word because they are saying God got it wrong and secular science got it right.

        1. No… turning your words around on you shows how silly your arguments are… as if they could be thrown at a tree… or anyone can use them because they come with no evidence.

          You are a heretic, a gnostic, and a deist. When are you going to admit that?

          Heretic = Does not believe what Scripture and Tradition teaches and upholds

          Gnostic = Because you believe that salvation requires some super secret word from you

          Deist = Because you believe God only worked six days his entire life.

    1. actually, I believe Moses, but since neither Ken Ham or you are he, I have no reason to believe either of you. And since I do believe Moses, and in fact know what he was on about, I can tell you that neither you, nor Ham, know Moses, and do not believe him.

      What’s more, you both make God out to be a liar. That is just sick.

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