Vocation of the Theologian – Theological Truth Frees from Oppression

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The issue with theology is that people simply do not want to wrestle with it. The greatest theologians weren’t simply restating early doctrines, but pushing the Church to a better understanding of her role in this world. Abelard, Zwingli, Wright – all theologians, at different times, with theologies that freed the Church from Chains past.

The truth possesses in itself a unifying force. It frees men from isolation and the oppositions in which they have been trapped by ignorance of the truth. And as it opens the way to God, it, at the same time, unites them to each other. Christ destroyed the wall of separation which had kept them strangers to God’s promise and to the fellowship of the covenant (cf. Eph 2:12-14). Into the hearts of the faithful He sends His Spirit through whom we become nothing less than “one” in Him (cf. Rom 5:5; 6 Gal 3:28). Thus thanks to the new birth and the anointing of the Holy Spirit (cf. Jn 3:5; 1 Jn 2:20. 27), we become the one, new People of God whose mission it is, with our different vocations and charisms, to preserve and hand on the gift of truth. Indeed, the whole Church, as the “salt of the earth” and “the light of the world” (cf. Mt 5:13 f.), must bear witness to the truth of Christ which sets us free.

Is it wrong to wrestle with theology? And to what extent should we seek to reform the greatest of the ancient minds? When theology becomes oppressive, I believe that it behooves us to reexamine it for its merit.

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  1. I think that its the right thing to do when wrestling with theology – for its within this context that we can truly come to know what it is we believe and why we believe what we do.

    Every believer is a theologian of sorts and its out of what they believe; that causes them to live the way they do. The danger lies in what Theological hill it is we want to die on, in our struggles to reform…. some are worth it more than others.

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