Video Review – The Holy Bible – Did Jim West write it?

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20 Replies to “Video Review – The Holy Bible – Did Jim West write it?”

  1. Of course you do. You do not want to have rules to follow but want to live your life as you please and still expect to receive eternal life. it doesn’t work that way.

    1. I didn’t realize you were God? In your conversations here and in other places in the blogosphere, you don’t come off knowing what you are talking about. Like most Christians…

  2. ahh the personal attack. I guess you know less than you claim I do because you can’t mount any reasonable defense to your position

  3. People like to call other people’s credentials into question simply because they do not like what the person says. The only real criteria people are to use is to match another person’s words up against the Biblical text.

    if they are not in line then you have a problem but if they studied at Podunk U instead of Harvard then you have no case as God looks for obedient, humble souls to do His work not the ones who graduated from elite universities who do not abide by His word (of course the obvious exceptions are those true christians who do attend such universities and do obey God).

    Since you disobey God why would I expect you to listen to what I have to say?

    1. Oh, no. When you say you are one thing, but show yourself as another, it is right and proper to call your credentials into question.

      I doubt you studied anywhere.

      Oh? I disobey God? Please show me where. And, tell me who labeling yourself with false credentials (lying) is in line with God’s will

  4. since i do not have false credentials and since i do not lie we have the evidence right there that you disobey God.

    again, it is not my credentials that are the problem, it is the fact that i will not tell you what you want to hear that is.

    here is another place that you disobey. read 1 timothy 2:12. you support women teaching men. but i feel you think it is okay for you to ignore God’s word while holding others accountable for crimes they have not committed.

    i am sure you have heard of the beam and stick story by Jesus…

  5. p.s. anyone studying this- Mimetic –1. characterized by, exhibiting, or of the nature of imitation or mimicry: mimetic gestures. 2. mimic or make-believe must not really believe the Bible anyways.

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