Via Media Methodists Meddle in the Middle

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The gents at Via Media are asking for some help. I’m going to close comments here and simply point you to them:

Kevin Carnahan recently wrote a brilliant post, a theological and ecclesiastical manifesto of sorts, on the middle way as it pertains to The United Methodist Church. With his permission, we are reblogging that post here. The three of us who curate Via Media Methodists have found deep resonance with this post: we appreciate its theological rigor and integrity, its ecumenical approach, and its attempt to reasonably move forward for Jesus Christ in the Wesleyan spirit. Given the caricaturing and misunderstanding by many on both the right and left of a UMC via media, we in the middle have needed a clear, persuasive, hopeful middle position. We are thankful that Kevin has offered just that.

What about you? What is your via media statement? What do you see as vital and necessary for a sound middle way? Let us know in the comments.

via Reblogged: What Does the Methodist Middle Look Like? | Via Media Methodists.

Rather than the standard ad hom, take note of everything Kevin has written in the statement.

By the way, if someone whines about these guys deleting comments, they are lying.

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