Urantia, reincarnation and resurrection.

The Urantia Book
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Well, because I know you all are just dying to hear more from the great scholars of the Fifth Epochal Revelation of truth (the Urantia Book), here is the latest twist in our ongoing debate.

Once again, this debate was initially about whether Jesus was “the spirit”, “a spirit”, or in fact, a man. We are now getting to the crux of the matter. Jesusonians are in fact dualist, gnostic, spiritualists like most modern new age movements.

For your perusal:

>> Geoff, can you not perceive that a mortal son of God born on earth starts out as a mortal human; shortly after physical death, he or she is re-personalized (same personality)

>I can “understand” your view of reincarnation, but no… the bible teaches resurrection of the dead, not reincarnation of the soul.

Hi Geoff and all Members,

Whoa ! First we need to look at the correct definition of “reincarnation”.

The false belief in reincarnation is an old Eastern religion concept that denied the salvation and perfection of humans by a loving and merciful Father God; instead they thought that a human had to work out his own perfection by an endless series of being reborn back on this same planet with a different human physical body (or as a lower worm, insect, rat, dog, goat, etc. physical body) to work out again all of their humans defects; and when perfected in dozens or thousands of bodies back here, to become aware, and/or good enough, to go to a “Nirvana” perfect Heaven.  NOTE that human reincarnation is restricted to 1. coming back to live on lowly earth after death. 2. always having a gross, limited physical body.

The Fifth Epochal Revelation of Truth is absolute on the truth-fact that God is love and demands our continual perfection which totally prevents any human from ever returning back here (or anywhere) in a lower state such as a limited in body, mind, soul crying six or eight pound newly (re-) born helpless baby ! God has declared to all humans: “I AM the Almighty God; walk before Me, and be you perfect; even as I AM perfect.”  Thus there is absolutely NO gross, sick, demented human “reincarnation”.

All humans start out on earth with their FIRST human mortal life. At physical death, they are resurrected (technically re-personalized with the SAME unchanging personality and SAME Spirit of God within) into a HIGHER HEAVEN and are given a much higher super-physical SOUL-form super-body (similar to some angels, roughly) and also a much higher mind potential (IQ in the many thousands, then millions after many higher Heavens each with a higher, more Spirit-level manifestation forms, beings of Light,  etc) and our spiritualizing and augmented experiences continue without end as forever Divinely Beloved Ascending Sons of our loving Universal and Universe Father God ! Amen !

Note several errors here:

1. The definition of reincarnation is “particular” one. One could argue that speaking generally reincarnation just means the rebirth of the human soul/spirit into a different form. The location of, and manner of form is irrelevant. Different religions formulate it slightly differently

2. Resurrection of the body means resurrection of the body.. not “resurrection of part of what makes up a human”.

3. The “scholar” refers to the human body and creation as “gross, lowly, finite”, which is obviously dualist and also obviously gnostic.

4. He also refers to a higher heaven full of much higher, super physical soul form superbodied beings – ie aliens. He is also an ancient alien astronautist.

5. His points 1 & 2 just make me feel physically ill. The human being and this glorious creation are the handiwork of the Creator God, and not gross at all. If there was any evidence at all these people are anti-christ, this is it.

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4 Replies to “Urantia, reincarnation and resurrection.”

  1. I would so love the same information. I only discovered “Urantia” today and my first thought was: I wish I knew what Abraham might say about this. So please, if anyone remembers hearing anything about that, I’d highly appreciate it.

    Also, isn’t it fascinating that apparently in the Urantia-Book it says “Urantia” is the actual name of the earth and I never before even wondered why we just call it the earth and nothing else … now it seems odd to me that I never wondered about that, hehe 😉

    1. Abraham would do what ever God told him, and I doubt that would be “believe them”.

      Urantia is a play on “urth”, which is how “earth” sounds. Look in wikipedia and you can see how we came to call earth, earth.

      The urantia book was fabricated by some intelligent but misguided men in the 1930’s.. some how they think it cant be done.. but L Ron Hubbard did it, and invented a science at the same time.. and did a better job..

  2. If you have read literature on the New Age movement and reincarnation, perhaps you have noticed in books reports about research that has been carried out on this area. You have perhaps noticed that two of the most common methods in this research have been hypnosis and spontaneous reproductions.
    In order to get another perspective on these methods, it is perhaps good for us to read the following information; these methods are not very reliable, neither is the research thorough.


  3. Believe in reincarnation or not to believe …what is will be no mater what you think or feel or believe . If belief were an element of preserving that which is then that which isn’t would require the same. As it is all of nature begs for redemption which is redeemed in spite of itself.

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