Update on the name change game for the essay collection

I had a wonderfully pleasant lunch with Henry Neufeld, the owner of Energion, the publisher for the collection of essays.

We were chatting about the name. Applying that one is moving from fundamentalism to faith could be seen as if one is moving something like denominations. So, we were chatting – and he mentioned something.

Bam. The title is now:

From Fear to Faith

I really like the subtitle, Essays in Crisis and Transition. We’ll see.

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9 Replies to “Update on the name change game for the essay collection”

  1. I’m not “mainline” which seems to be synonymous with “faith” in your title. Just kidding. I don’t fear doubt. I fear you. lol

  2. I like the title. Sums up what many feel in this journey. I know that is how I feel. And just what is a “holy noogie?” Should I be concerned or do I need to learn this skill?

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