Unspoken Sermons: Our God is a Consuming Fire

George MacDonald, a Scottish pastor, inspired many, including C.S. Lewis as well as G.K. Chesterton. For his Unspoken Sermon Series, for free, you can click here to download it for your PC Kindle.

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Okay, so what if a person resists the Fire unto death? What happens then? Well, the Fire intensifies:

If the man resists the burning of God, the consuming fire of Love, a terrible doom awaits him, and its day will come. He shall be cast into the outer darkness who hates the fire of God. What sick dismay shall then seize upon him! For let a man think and care ever so little about God, he does not therefore exit without God. God is here with him, upholding, warming, delighting, teaching him–making life a good thing to him. God gives him himself, though he knows it not. But when God withdraws from a man as far as that can be without the man’s ceasing to be; when the man feels himself abandoned, hanging in a ceaseless vertigo of existence upon the verge of the guilt of his being, without support, without refuge, without aim, without end–for the soul has no weapons wherewith to destroy herself–with no inbreathing of joy, with nothing to make life good;–then will he listen in agony for the faintest sound of life from the closed door; then, if the moan of suffering humanity ever reaches the ear of the outcast of darkness, he will be ready to rush into the very heart of the Consuming Fire to know life once more, to change this terror of sick negation, of unspeakable death, for that region of painful hope…

hat outer darkness is but the most dreadful form of the consuming fire–the fire without light–the darkness visible, the black flame. God has withdrawn himself, but not lost his hold. His face is turned away, but his hand is laid upon him still. His heart has ceased to beat into the man’s heart, but he keeps him alive by his fire. And that fire will go searching and burning on in him, as in the highest saint who is not yet pure as he is pure.

And, then, at the very end, even Death will be consumed in the Fire:

But at length, O God, wilt thou not cast Death and Hell into the lake of Fire–even into thine own consuming self? Death shall then die everlastingly…Then indeed wilt Thou be all in all. For then our poor brothers and sisters, every one–O God, we trust in thee, the Consuming Fire–shall have been burnt clean and brought home.

via Experimental Theology: Unspoken Sermons: Our God is a Consuming Fire.

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4 Replies to “Unspoken Sermons: Our God is a Consuming Fire”

  1. I don’t think we realize a world without some aspect of God, even in this our fallen and sinful world. To be without God’s presence in some form, is awful to contemplate..even if it is but for short time. As Lewis said, this would be hell.

    *I have never seen anyone explain the meaning of an impersonal process of wrath in a genuinely theistic universe. – Leon Morris

    1. Indeed. I cannot grasp those who would deny God and even passively fight against Him to rid their life of His presence.

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