Unsettled at Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man

We attended the midnight showing last night, but it wasn’t overly packed like the Avengers had been. Of course, The Amazing Spider-Man didn’t have that certain build-up that The Avengers had either. I hope that given the storm problems in my area, as well as it being a Monday night showing prevented people from going.

If you have any questions as to whether or not Marc Webb beats Sam Raimi, he does. Bad. This Spider-Man truly is amazing. I’m not a Marvel guy, so I don’t know much of the back story to these characters beyond what Wikipedia and the fanboys say, but this one seemed to hold better to the Q Gospel of Spider-Man than did Raimi’s previous ventures. I liked Toby, but (almost) new comer Andrew Garfield really puts on the spandex skin well, fitting the snarky Peter Parker that fans have come to enjoy. He is not the nerdy guy, but rather more emo, which is fine. Sure, there is the Twilight hair, but he had that before Spider-Man. Emma Stone, while not passing easily for a 17 year old Gwen Stacey provides a better character in relation to Garfield/Parker than did Kirsten Dunst’s helpless non-heroin, Mary Jane Watson. She is not used enough in the story, but then again, this is Spider-Man, not Gwen Stacy. The writing is great, and a lot less cheesy than the 2002 outing (What are you, Superman?). The action is great, and while I was against the first person POV webslinging, it actually works. I mean it works too.

While I focus mainly on the story line, I still didn’t hear a lot of vulgar language. While Gwen and Peter have several scenes, they aren’t terribly sexual. The violence is, well, shoot, it is a superhero movie.┬áNo, there are no esoteric, theological themes, unless you count the Lizard’s move to create something better than a human, to correct our weaknesses and the like. But, of course, that is what the superhero genre is, right? The subtle attempt to question whether or not we are are good enough? Spider-Man works because he struggles with remaining human but with a few new cool things.

Anyway, go see the movie. Good stuff.

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  1. As a Marvel fan I have to say I appreciate the campy-ness of Raimi’s Spider-Man as a decent throwback to the good times of the early comics (before the darker, post Gwen Stacy death Spider-Man stories). If I had my way I would have given Raimi 3 movies with Gwen Stacy for the fun animal-themed villains then given the Del Toro the Venom movie and let him kill of Gwen.

    Still looking forward to seeing this one. I’ll take any big-screen Spider-Man I can get.

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