Undepravity: Proper farewell for heroic homeless vet

I sincerely believe that we have the finest military in the world. Perhaps that is the American in me, but I have known military personal all my life, and there is something about them. Perhaps it is the idealism of the knight in shining armour in which I pictures the American military when I was younger. I don’t know, but I do know that I am immensely proud of those who I have known in my life, and more so those who I will never know, who have given their life on some battlefield.

As a part of the regular feature of this blog, I want to bring you something good about the human spirit:

Ray Vivier had been an adventurer, a Marine veteran who explored the country from South Carolina to Alaska, the father of five children.

The 61-year-old also was a man starting to get his life back together after living for years in a shanty beneath a Cleveland bridge. He had struggled with alcoholism, but by November he had a welding job, friends and a place to stay at a boarding house.

He rescued five people from that house when arsonists set it ablaze — but Vivier couldn’t save himself. He and three others died, and two people have been charged in their deaths. Vivier’s body, unclaimed and unidentified for weeks, seemed destined for an anonymous, modest burial.

You can read the rest here:

Proper farewell for heroic homeless vet – Life- msnbc.com.

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35 Replies to “Undepravity: Proper farewell for heroic homeless vet”

  1. The finest military in the world?? Yes, be proud of the rediculous amount of money you spend on war. Be proud of messing up wherever you send your troops. Be proud of the antagonism that you are creating in the rest of the world. I’m sorry Joel, but this I really cannot take. I’m sure they are all really nice guys, but they are part of something hideous.

    1. Bill, do you think there is something wrong in being proud of the honest men and women who volunteer to serve their country? I am not talking about the morons who run it, but the people who join. I am pretty sure that the grunts on the ground aren’t responsible for the stupidty of the commanding officers, up to the president (especially the previous administration) who uses the military for a big stick. Look what is going on in Haiti – the military is being used to help which I would prefer.

      1. I don’t want anybody to “serve their country”. I want them to serve the world.

        I don’t see why volunteering to risk your life for a bad cause is anything to be proud of. Would you also be proud of those brave boys and girls who sacrifice their lives with a bomb taped to their chest in Irak, Pakistan or Afghanistan, because they actually believe their cause is good. I’m sure you hate the comparison and will consider it misplaced, but what exactly is there to be proud of? Maybe they think they are doing good (just like the suicide bombers do) but they are not.

          1. Bill, let me simply say that I reject the previous administration’s use of the military and believe that the military should be defensive ONLY.

          2. No, it is not my presupposition – I never said your kids join the military to kill. Nevertheless, they are having a negative effect on the world.

          3. They are being used to create a negative effect. I hope – I hope – that this current administration will use them according to what they promised they would do.

          4. Cutting the military by 50 % would be a good start.

            What exactly did this administration promise they would use them for?

          5. I am unhappy with the troop escalation and the continued presence in Iraq – which I and many others thought would not happen.

            I believe that we should examine the military budget, and indeed, cut some back. We still have bases in Europe! No, I believe that the military needs to be defensive, not offensive, and we clearly have the latter at the moment. Further, I believe that diplomacy should be used first and foremost in issues around the globe.

          6. Agreed!! Is this a first??? Joel, let me shake your hand and repeat: there actually is something we agree on!

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