Undeception on Faith(fulness)

Except for attributing Hebrews to Pauline authorship, Steve has a few excellent posts on faith and faithfulness. (here and here) I believe that Steve is right and would encourage you to read his posts. (Try my tags here and here)

But rather than mere cognitive assent to an unproved proposition, I think the best way of viewing the semantic center of pistis is in the words commitment, dependence, trust, and devotion. As I said, ”belief” plays a part, since we devote ourselves to things we believe in, and believe in things we are devoted to.

I agree – faith(fulness) is more about a conscious acceptance of the things set before you; it is about an active movement towards God and a daily walk. But, you know my position – go read Steve’s.

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8 Replies to “Undeception on Faith(fulness)”

  1. Thanks, Joel — but…

    I certainly don’t believe in Pauline authorship of Hebrews. I can see why you say that, though, given that I sort of break my discussion up into “Paul” and “outside Paul” after I discuss Hebrews. The fact is, Hebrews was in the background because of my earlier posts and because Paul’s understanding of pistis is often pitted against that of the author of Hebrews, I wanted to show how they were potentially quite parallel.

    1. Gotcha – or it could be a push back from your previous comment 🙂

      I do think it is a fine series of posts, Steve, and one which the modern Christian needs to examine.

      1. Crap. I should have known my out-of-the-blue snark was going to come back and bite me. 😉

        I have enjoyed (just now) catching up on your posts on this topic. We are certainly in agreement, and I also agree that this is something other Christians need to pay more attention to.

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