UM Work and Worship Project: Revelation as Liturgical Drama

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I’ve been inspired by reading Timothy Gombis‘ work – no doubt you’ve noticed. While I am not going to – here – explore the cosmology between Ephesians and Revelation, I do believe that the idea is generally the same. (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.) There is stuff above us going on, actions and things unseen, but we see the effects here. I believe that Revelation contains concentric visions, with events above seen and interpreted by events below – it is a drama unfolding above and round the original audience.

As part of my final project for my UM Work and Worship class, I will be turning the entire book of Revelation into a liturgical drama. To this end, I’m asking for any help which you may be willing to give. I’ll be sharing, of course… not all, because, you know, I have hopes for it.

What do you see as concentric passages? Any special highlights which you see? Is there a way to fit the 7 churches into a liturgical drama?




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