Um, is your academic field of study really real?

Gawker post it… I think it’s pretty funny –

1. Physics
2. Astronomy or other Space Science
3. Philosophy
4. Engineering
5. Math
6. History
7. Chemistry
8. Biology or other Life Science
9. Foreign language (Useful type)
10. Computer Science
11. Agriculture
12. Geology or other Earth Science
13. Architecture
14. Literature
15. Law
16. Geography
17. Music
18. Economics
19. Study of Some Foreign Place or Culture
20. Archaeology
21. Anthropology
22. Religion or Theology
23. Art
24. Education
25. Foreign Language (Useless type)
26. Political Science
27. Drama or Film
28. Phys Ed, Sports Management or other Major Designed For Athletes
29. Journalism or “Communications”
30. Business
31. Psychology
32. Sociology

All Academic Fields of Study, Ranked by Realness.

It’s in response to an op-ed by Julian Friedland, which in part states:

So what objective knowledge can philosophy bring that is not already determinable by science? This is a question that has become increasingly fashionable — even in philosophy — to answer with a defiant “none.” For numerous philosophers have come to believe, in concert with the prejudices of our age, that only science holds the potential to solve persistent philosophical mysteries as the nature of truth, life, mind, meaning, justice, the good and the beautiful.

Sorry, but I disagree…. Philosophy is still the mother of all knowledge. Necessity is the mother of invention. Invention, science, would not be needed or known, without necessity, philosophy.

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7 Replies to “Um, is your academic field of study really real?”

  1. Ooof, no respect for sociologists. And we want so badly to be seen as scientists! Dang physics envy…

    Yes, philosophy is the mother of all disciplines. I got in an argument with a friend on this score; he took offense to my placement of philosophy over theology.

  2. After a 30-year career in Journalism–almost at the bottom at #29–my heart rejoices to see that I’ve moved up the rungs to #22, Religion/Theology!

  3. Physics isn’t 100% pure. Have to separate cosmology, and place it under philosophy, until multi-universes, strings, 11 dimensions, and pre-Big Bang is measurable. Until then, it is more philosophy than science.

  4. At some level your philosophy really does belie everything. Without philosophy (and theology ultimately) none of these categories are possible.

    Sad to see a conceptualization like this which so honestly claims the arrogance of scientism to the neglect of their actual discipline.

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