Uh, no.


Actually no. The Articles of Confederation kept a federal system limited in power, but that also kept the Gentry from having power… So without any support from their States, delegates met to draft a constitution… Going against the Law…

Whether you like him or not, Alexander Hamilton was correct…. Laws meant to limit only really serve to tell the Congress where to… It presents challenges to them. Remember, the Constitution came about after Shay’s Rebellion. It wasn’t about limiting the power of the Federal Government… But about limiting the power of the people and the States… And about creating a Federal Government.

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One Reply to “Uh, no.”

  1. The biggest problem with the statement is that it’s one-sided.

    Yes, the Constitution defines a lot of limits on federal power and is there to prevent runaway power.

    It also established a government with the authority to overrule the states, replacing the too-weak government of the Articles.

    The over-simplified presentation of the Right and Libertarians is … well, … over-simplified. And thus wrong.

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