Ugh – Once again #DMCA

Update: See my update here.


My good friend James McGrath doesn’t seem to follow the trail of what happened.

He writes, in part,

…Joel’s copyright complaint and his attempt to remove the Creative Commons notification on his posts after the fact… This incident, and the issues it raises, need to be given serious attention in its own right..

Vridar Returns (and a Review of a Review of a Review).

As a final word on this, let me help James understand what exactly happens/ed.

First, I have had for the past years of blogging an ALL RIGHTS RESERVED notice at the bottom of the blog page, each and everyone of them.

I employed the CC because of a previous attempt, figuring (following WP/DMCA’s then-advice) this would help in the future and I posted about my problems with content theft.

But, before we get to the second, let me state again — this is getting tiresome — that the process for DMCA reporting looks to be relatively simple.

If you feel you have a complaint, you report it to the hosting provider. In this case, it is WP, which makes it easier. They look at the complaint, including my site which is why you place only links to both sites. They would have seen the CC and the bottom (c) notice.

Now, I realize this is a mystery to everyone, but unless you understand this part, then you either believe a giant conspiracy or that somehow I transgressed some ethical commandment. If WP/DMCA looks at the sites involved and decides that the first person has merit, then they will request the second person to respond.

Let me spell this out again, because regardless of what I’ve said either on McGrath’s site and others, people lack the reading comprehension to understand this: WP/DMCA makes the final ruling on whether or not the claim as merit to proceed to the next level. The next level includes the ability to counter the claim.

This is the second point. While McGrath and pleasantly followed Ian and posted pictures WITHOUT CONTEXT, let me say what happened again.

Finding that people are generally too ignorant to understand the point of CC, and to examine the entire site for other (c) notices (which WP/DMCA did before they decided the complain had merit), I changed my entire copyright notice. Why? Where did I get it from? Here.

Note, again, because I have to repeat myself because people lack the ability to read, or have otherwise already made up their mind, WP made the decision the complaint had merit.

So what issues does this “incident” actually raise? My guess, first, is that people need to learn how to read. They need to learn how to follow the thought process. I find it rather odd that this is generally the same arguments passed to and fro between McGrath and other mythicists, that neither side follow the other side’s arguments but instead rest only on their pre-conceived notions of what the other side is saying.

Further, as is evident in their to and fro arguments, the argument of “do you understand the process” is essential. This is the same argument both sides throw at each other. And now I get to throw it around. Ugh.

Anyway, that’s just about all I can say… again, three or four times now.

I am very sorry the entire site came down. That was not my intention.

I realize I can’t make the people who didn’t like me before like me now, nor to take Neil’s or James’ words over my photographic and legal evidence, but then again, some people aren’t given to liking evidence.

So, sorry, but I’m done with this convo.

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