U.K. tabloid News of the World shutting down – Will Fox News Follow?

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For the background see here which compares Murdoch and what is going on with the hacking of a dead girl’s phone (among others), the British Parliament and the such to the fall of Richard M. Nixon. Then, on to the good news:

Media conglomerate News International said Thursday it is shutting down the News of the World tabloid, the newspaper at the center of a British phone-hacking scandal.

James Murdoch, who heads the newspaper’s European operations, said the 168-year-old newspaper will publish its last edition Sunday. The scandal has cost the paper prestige and prompted dozens of companies to pull their ads. James Murdoch is the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

I say good because Murdoch is a ruthless sort fellow, in my opinion, and it seems that this is not the extent of the crimes. You don’t shut a newspaper down because they hacked one cell phone.

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3 Replies to “U.K. tabloid News of the World shutting down – Will Fox News Follow?”

    1. It won’t be much more than a rebranding exercise, like Google is doing with Blogger. Apparently they were working on a seven day Sun even before the latest scandal.

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