Seriously, I am so happy I could — may already have — cried a little.

I actually feel like I may one day have the ability to call myself a scholar, one day.


  • Giving your Students to Molech’s Fire May Be Permitted (Co-Presented with Thomas S. Verenna; Online Publications Section, 2013 — Baltimore)
  • Working on a Building: Mark’s Correspondence to Daniel’s Structure (Markan Literary Sources, 2013 — Baltimore)

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2 Replies to “Two SBL Papers ACCEPTED”

  1. Congrats!

    Just received your book this Saturday. I hope to start reading it later this week (in place of paying attention to the teaching course I’m attending …) ,when I’ve finished Pervo.

    I was amused to see Ben Witherington indexed under “III” by the way.

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