Two Roads, Diverged? Romans vs. Ephesians Road

I had to order the book, after reading this explanation of the Ephesians Road:

Wax’s Ephesians Road is simple and effective (though note I will discuss a complexity about it afterward):

  • Salvation is about God’s plan for the world (Ephesians 1), including election, adoption, and uniting all things in Messiah. Wax says it’s not so much that God has a wonderful plan for your life, but that God has a wonderful plan.
  • Salvation is only by unearned favor (Ephesians 2:1-9), raising us from the dead and saving us from God’s wrath. Wax says we weren’t rescued while drowning, we were already dead and God made us alive.
  • Salvation comes with a calling that must be fulfilled in the community of faith (Ephesians 2:10-22), including good works, kingdom community, and imaging God to the world.

Whereas the Romans Road says, “You can be forgiven and live forever,” the Ephesians Road says, “God is making a perfected cosmos and you can join in.”

via Trevin Wax’s Ephesians Road Expanded « Messianic Jewish Musings.

Is there really a divergence? Since I haven’t read the book to know the basic arguments, I can only say that from this point, while the ‘Romans Road’ seems to be individualistic, the ‘Ephesians Road’ seems to be communal. In other words, God offers salvation individually, but through the community it is achieved. Such as in Acts 2.36-40 in which when the people were saved, they were added to the Church.

Should be an interesting book, as it has already started the wheels turning.

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12 Replies to “Two Roads, Diverged? Romans vs. Ephesians Road”

  1. I think that the only reason for the divergence is that people who are using “the Romans Road” in evangelism have missed the full cosmic implications of Romans. Such as the creation waiting in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed and to be released from bondage (Rom 8:18-24) or the cosmic plans for the nations and Israel in Rom 9-11.

    1. Mike, from in between the time I scheduled this and today, I was wondering about that version – mainly because I was reading BW3 last night and he mentioned it.

      I think you are indeed correct that Romans has a certain universal outreach to it, but it does seem that Ephesians is a concise effort at summary. Maybe?

  2. Do Christians ever preach THE SYNOPTIC ROAD TO SALVATION any more? All you have to do is study what Jesus told the people who asked him in the synoptic Gospels, “How can I inherit eternal life?”

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