Two new bundles you need from @AcademicLogos (@Logos, @FortressPress)

I have not had a chance to review this…I’ve not been asked (HINT) but these two really stand out:

The first is the Pontifical Biblical Institute:

Immerse yourself in ancient-language texts and detailed Scripture exegesis with the Pontifical Biblical Institute Ancient Language Studies. This 50-volume collection compiles a broad range of works—from interpretation of Scripture to grammatical analysis of Hebrew Poetry, from Aramaic inscriptions to Greek word studies.

The Pontifical Biblical Institute has been publishing critical and instructional texts since it was established by Pope Pius X in 1909. The PBI seeks to “cultivate and promote, by means of scholarly research, the biblical and relevant ancient Near Eastern disciplines, with due respect to the nature of each one of them, in order to obtain ‘a more profound understanding and exposition of the meaning of Sacred Scripture.’” Each volume in this collection serves those same aims, with explorations of Ugaritic, Akkadian, Aramaic, Greek, and Hebrew. Whether you’re a new student of ancient literature or a seasoned ministry professional, gain clarity and depth in your study with this valuable collection.

The PBI is a stellar institution. I have several of their resources already – and I would not think of engaging the original languages without them.

The second is from Fortress Press:

Explore the historical, social, theological, and pastoral perspectives on the New Testament with this substantial bundle from Fortress Press. Authors Neil ElliottE.P. SandersTerence L. DonaldsonBen Witherington III, and many more contribute to this comprehensive and diverse trove of resources. Pastors, students, and anyone interested in reinforcing their understanding of Christ’s ministry, the nuances of the Gospels, and the life and theology of Paul will appreciate the value of this collection.

Seventy volumes cover an array of significant topics—Paul’s relationship to Jewish tradition and thought, the nature and implications of Christ’s crucifixion, the formation of the canon, the historic Jesus, the political context of Rome, and more. There are dozens of volumes on Paul and Jesus, seven specifically on John’s Gospel, four on Matthew’s, and five on Luke/Acts. Equip yourself for meaningful study of God’s Word with the Fortress Press New Testament Studies Bundle.

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