Turkey, Armenia Sign Historic Accord

This is important to me for various reasons. First, although I am not Armenian, I feel that the genocide which took place upon those people has been largely forgotten. Further, I note that Turkey, a secular Islamic country, is concerned with peace in that part of the world.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton basked in the glow of praise from her Nobel laureate boss on Saturday after spearheading successful efforts to salvage historic accords between longtime bitter foes Turkey and Armenia.

President Barack Obama, who a day earlier was the surprise winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, telephoned Clinton in Switzerland to congratulate her on overcoming a last-minute hitch that threatened to scuttle the Turkish-Armenian deals, a senior State Department official said.

Clinton was headed to the airport in the Swiss city of Zurich following an intense and frantic day of negotiations when she got the call from Obama, the official said. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the call was private.

“He was very excited, he felt like this was a big step forward and wanted to check in,” the official told reporters aboard Clinton’s plane as she flew from Zurich to London, the second leg of a five-day tour of Europe and Russia. “He called to congratulate her and the team.”

“We had a good night in Zurich,” Clinton said on the plane.

For several tense hours in overcast Zurich, however, that was anything but a sure thing.

Turkey, Armenia Sign Historic Accord.

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