Truth, Science, Religion, Fiction

One of the mistakes that people – and I include scientists and journalists in my definition of “people”, because, well, I’m charitable like that – is that they think science is all about discovering the “truth”. Scientist David Sloan-Wilson went so far as characterising science as a religion that had truth as its God.

But science is nothing of the kind. “Truth” is a concept that is best left to theologians and philosophers. Science, on the other hand, is better characterised not as a religion, but as a rational process, in which the goal is not the attainment of truth, but the quantification of doubt.

The Guardian on Facebook.

Exactly. Read the entire article.

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  1. if this is the case, then science is of no value to anyone and is just another destructive force wielded by the hand of satan and bent on ruining people’s lives.

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