Truer words….

found this on the twitters…

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3 Replies to “Truer words….”

  1. Sounds good compared to “Old Mission Strategy”… Recruit native peoples to perform slave labor tasks under the name of God.

    I still think, as messed-up as we are, we are much better off today than 200-300 years ago. The good old days were only good for a select group of people.

    1. Your comment re the “good old days” reminds me of what a then UMC DS said around the time of GC2012: If the good old days were that good, why are we in the mess we are in now.

      Re the “New Mission Strategy”: it sounds like the current iteration of my long time local UMC. I liked it better when it was more laity engaged and there was less involvement by the “professionals” telling us what we need to do. Others must be in agreement because worship attendance has been in a steady decline for several years. Worship has become more of a pep rally for what the church is doing than a celebration of God! But I still show up because I do not want to become one more person looking back at the UMC stating why I left–which is what I encountered while monitoring twitter during GC2012. Wonder what would have happened if those people had not left?

      1. “Wonder what would have happened if those people had not left?”…
        Unfortunately I’ve noticed more people dying, to get out. As in, passing away. Which reflects an aging congregation, not a disenchanted congregation. I’m too old to try something new. And every time I previously tried something new, I found out “the grass is not always greener on the other side of the hill”. I’m getting too close to being under the hill.

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