Tough Questions of the Resurrection

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I am teaching Sunday School for about 15 minutes in the morning.

I was looking for ‘tough questions’ – more than, ‘Why Would God Kill His Son’  – so I found these,

1. How do you account for a bunch of Jews who believed in, at best, a future resurrection suddenly believing they had seen one?

2. How do you account for strict monotheists suddenly believing they had witnessed the Son of God, and worshiping him as such?

3. How do you account for the lack of refutations of something so public?

4. How do you account for the change of heart and behavior of the disciples? What was their motivation to perpetuate a lie at loss of their lives?

5. How do you account for the rapid spread of Christianity, despite severe persecution?

I’m not sure that I will ask these for several reasons.

1.) it wasn’t at best – the Resurrection was a growing belief for a while, especially among the community which provided the thought world of the New Testament.

2.) Strict monotheists? No. Not just yet.

4.) Sorta is a circular logic thing. We know about the change of character only from the Gospels which were written for a specific reason.

Anyway… do you have any questions or concerns which seem to undermine the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Note that these are tough questions ‘of’ the Resurrection, not ‘on.’ There is a reason.

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