… touched the hem of his garment

A close encounter with N T Wright.

I walked into the hotel expecting a large crowd of scholars and academics and was surprised to find a small crowd of lay people and ministers. As I was standing in line for registration N. T. Wright himself walked up and stood right next to me (talking to someone else). Margaret even touched the hem of his garment. It was awesome. I would have been content with just that, but the night just got better.

Wright didn’t turn around to see who had drained the power from him?

After he was done speaking we ended the night with a responsive prayer reading called compline. When the session was over, I hung around to see if I could maybe talk to ole Tom Wright (we’re on a first name basis now that I’ve been in a room of 100 people with him). I walked over to him, he’s actually a rather big guy (easily 6 foot 3) and stuck out my hand. He kindly shook while I told him how wonderful he is, and that if he only asked I would be his personal slave until Jesus comes back. He humbly turned down my offer for voluntary slavery and simply said, “Thank you.”

No, this wasn’t one of the well know attendees at the recent SBL conference in Atlanta …

Full story: meeting a hero | a humble attempt at being human

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