Torrance on the (W)ord of God

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Recently, I heard (again) that the Word of God in John 1.1 is the same as the Scriptures. It is mind-bending and numbing logic to say the least.

The scriptures are of course human documents, but they are so conjoined through the Spirit to the divine Word as to be the written word of God to man, deposited through the apostles as the treasure of the church out of which it lives and according to which it orders its life throughout the generations. In and through the scriptures the church continues to hear God speaking to it, and acknowledges therefore that they are holy scriptures and the authoritative word of God. As human testimony to God’s Word, the scriptures are to be distinguished from the Word of God, but not separated from it, for God has through his Spirit graciously elected and formed scripture as the means whereby he continues through the Spirit to declare his mind to the church and to call the church into union and communion with himself. (pg335)

Torrance is not combining the Word of God with the word of God, but stating that because the scriptures testify to Christ, then by necessity they are inspired. Of course, for Torrance, the text while central and inspired is still human.

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