Torrance on the Existence of Christ

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I am currently reading through Thomas F. Torrance’s work on the Incarnation, which is comprised primarily of lectures given over the course of his tenure, as compiled and edited by Robert T. Walker (who is in a rare position as an editor, he is also Torrance’s nephew). It is published by IVP-Academic. In these quotes, Torrance, expresses my doctrine of the Godhead and my search of the Patristic authors mixed with my tepid search of the Reformers.

But here, in the Word become flesh in the unity of God and man in Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is God. Jesus Christ has no existence apart from or different from or parallel to God’s existence. He has his existence only in the divine acts of condescension in which God gathers man into coexistence with himself. That means that here in the Word made flesh God and man are so related in Jesus Christ, so that Jesus exists as man only so far as he exists as God, and yet as God he also has existence as flesh… (pg67) There needs to be a reconstruction of the whole classical doctrine of Christ in such a way as to bring together the Patristic emphasis on the being-of-God-in-his-acts and the Reformation emphasis on the acts-of-God-in-his-being. (pg85)

I am still amazed that Torrance’s work did not make the rounds of the blogosphere, especially those of the Reformed doctrine. I hope that you will be encouraged to pick up this work yourself, Reformed or not.

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