Torrance on Arminianism

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The alternative to that would be to assert that all that God provided was the possibility of salvation for all in the cross, and that each person has to translate that general possibility into actuality in their own case, but that is to land in Arminanism and to teach that ultimately everyone is their own saviour, in so far as they have to co-operate with Christ for their salvation. But if all that has been done in the death of Christ is the creation of the possibility of salvation, then who can be sure of their salvation, since everything depends in the last analysis on human weakness?

But, he doesn’t stop there…he goes after the hyper-Calvinists who would then have the ‘action of the cross… divorced from the love of God.’ (pg187)

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8 Replies to “Torrance on Arminianism”

  1. There was a time in my life where i would like what he said. But now when i read what he wrote all i can say is that it is enlightenment reasoning. The Bible does not reason that way.

  2. “. . . ultimately everyone is their own saviour, in so far as they have to co-operate with Christ for their salvation.”

    Why do people think that faith is a work? It seems to me that faith is a very passive consent to the salvation that Christ has secured for humans.

    At the risk of using a questionable metaphor for salvation, someone drowning in the water does not save himself/herself by lifting his hand for the rescuer to grab. Instead, the rescuer gets all the glory. I suppose Calvinists would say that we-in our total depravity-don’t have the ability to raise our hand. But why do we think that?

    In fact, faith may be less of an act than raising our hand. Maybe its simply asking to be rescued.

    This Calvinist idea seems to be part of the larger misconception that Armininianism by nature has a high anthropology. Most Arminians I know believe that they consent to the amazing salvation of Christ, but they hardly give themselves any credit for doing so. That’s not even the radar. Just like Calvinists the glory is given to Christ alone. (Nor are most Arminians liberal, etc!)

    As long as I am on the topic, it would do well for Calvinists to read Roger Olson’s “Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities” before making assumptions.

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