Top @DrJeWest Rants of 2013

Jim rants on twitter from time to time – every other day at least – about something. Here are the top 5 topics he loves to rant about.

  1. Gay Marriage
  2. Anything Catholicism
  3. The ETS Inerrancy Debacle, er, Debate
  4. His trials with Healthcare.Gov
  5. Bible Secrets Revealed and ETS participation

Honorable mention: Top Lists of the Year

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7 Replies to “Top @DrJeWest Rants of 2013”

  1. Far be it from me to seem to be supporting the Ranter, but I’m glad that at least somebody is posting about Bible Secrets Revealed. It’s almost as if there’s a Tyndale-like conspiracy of silence about this much-touted series — especially from bibliobloggers who were previously promoting it!

  2. West rants a lot about anything in OT scholarship that doesn’t fit in with his buddies’ minimalist presuppositions, but he won’t lift a finger (even when asked to do so) to explain *why* he or anyone should accept those presuppositions. (When I challenged him on this in the comments section — as I used to do — he simply refused to allow my comment to post, and then went on as if non-minimalists somehow have the burden of proof.)

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