Too much of a good thing? On Patriotism and Nationalism

First, I think he forgets a very basic principle. The lethality of every poison is in the dosage. As a conservative, I’m perfectly happy to admit that I think Somin’s argument could be deployed, to one extent or another, on pretty much every ism, creed, and concept. We all understand that too much authoritarianism, socialism, nationalism, etc. can be terrible. But we should also understand that too much freedom, too much democracy, too much individualism can be terrible too. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t contend that the right amount of these things is smack in the middle. I don’t think we should split the difference between say authoritarianism and freedom. The knob should be set far over to the freedom side of the scale, just not all the way at ten.

via On Patriotism and Nationalism – By Jonah Goldberg – The Corner – National Review Online.

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